Foodservice Data Management

FINDsweeper: Cleanse & match your current databases to CHD FIND® to learn more about your customers and obtain new prospects.

We perform foodservice data management and updates on a monthly basis to offer you the most comprehensive and complete data available.

Datamart Creation & Hosting
We execute foodservice database management to combine all your databases and marketing lists into one datamart. Make your data actionable by having all your information in one place. We design and host databases to help marketing and sales teams make strategic decisions about their business.
Database Cleansing
Database hygiene & quality foodservice data management. We provide postal normalization for 140 different countries. Improve your data integrity, with deduplication, postal normalization, field standardization and data hygiene.
Database Match & Append
Gain insight on your customers & prospects. Obtain details about operators such as industry segment and market intelligence. View your market penetration for any geography. Obtain new prospects and have access to the entire industry.
Foodservice Classification
Discover our unique Global Foodservice Classification, a detailed segmentation system of the foodservice industry. The classification allows us to perform foodservice database management with the highest level of quality and provide our customers the reference table of the industry on either an individual country basis or from a global perspective.
Segments Definition
View definitions and examples of our Foodservice Industry segmentation.
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