Email Campaignsemail-campaigns

Target the Right Audience with the Right Content at the Right Time

Create your highly targeted email campaigns directly in our Easy2FIND platform to increase your sales conversion.

  • Pinpoint the right target to your email campaigns through our comprehensive market information (establishment type, menu type, years in business, annual sales, star rating for hotels, etc.).

  • Expert help: Our foodservice experts will help you select the right audience for your campaigns.

  • Reporting tools: Get a detailed list of all the potential customers who opened or clicked on your email.

  • Guaranteed delivery! You only pay for emails delivered to your target list. We reimburse any potential bounced emails.

  • Engage potential customers with relevant, timely communications through our email lists.

  • Personalize your marketing content to each potential customer segments.

  • Communicate with your potential customers more frequently.

  • Detailed campaign response and activity data assure relevancy of subsequent potential customer interactions to drive increased response, sales and retention.
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