SmartFINDfoodservice business intelligence

SmartFIND, is a Business Intelligence program that helps detect prospects with the highest propensity to buy your products

Do you know who are your best customers? Would you be interested in identifying new prospects?

SmartFIND helps you to anticipate the needs of your customers and prospects

It is a 5 steps process:

1 - CHD take a copy of your customer database. Clean and de-dupe the data where necessary.

2 -Match your database to CHD FIND® to create a customer profile. This may result in one profile or multiple profiles, for example by industry segment.

3 -Identify the key over represented variables that best describe your customers.

4 - Having created the profile then identify other Operators in the CHD FIND® Database, who are not customers, but are the closet “match” to your existing “most valuable customers”.

5 -
This analytical process to identify your "most valuable customers" can be undertaken on a country wide basis or by sales region or specific geographic region.

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