Restaurant Chain Reports


Restaurant Chain Reports

CHD Expert offers two different reports that contain Restaurant Chain Data. Click to review the report details for the Chain List Report and Restaurant Chains by State Report.


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Foodservice Chain List


Our Foodservice Chain list includes 958 key accounts with chains (restaurant, bar, hotel, leisure), parent companies/owners, MCO (multi-concept operators) and Franchisees.


Restaurant Chains by State Report

The "Restaurant Chains by State" Report contains information on 2,314 US Chain Restaurants and identifies the total number of units by state for each concept.  Data for Emerging and Regional Chains are also included.

The following details are included for each chain and state:
1.  Count of chain restaurant units, by chain name, for each of the fifty states
2.  Grand total count of all chain units in each state
3.  Grand total count of units by chain name for all US
4. Technomic Digital Resource Library# (DRL) 
5. Technomic Ranking
6. CHD Chain ID
7. Chain Name
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