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Canadian Foodservice Market: CHD Expert Looks at the Restaurant Landscape of Canada

05:35:47 PM

chef-canada-platterCHD Expert is known for its US foodservice data, but we offer data for a wide range of other countries as well, including Canada. We recently expanded our offerings in North America and updated our Canadian foodservice database to include retail operators along with our pre-existing commercial and non-commercial database.

We offer a variety of foodservice market solutions for the country of Canada. These include email campaigns, call center lead generation, and custom market research for all 184,000 total operators.

The Canadian restaurant landscape is roughly a tenth of the size of the restaurant landscape of the United States. Full Service Restaurants (FSR) make up the majority of the landscape, accounting for 55% of restaurants; while Limited Service Restaurants (LSR) makes up the other 45%. By definition, LSRs do not have a wait staff whereas FSRs offer full table service.

In the FSR category, Casual Dining accounts for 62% of restaurants, Family-style 31%, Upscale Dining 6%, and Fine Dining makes up the remaining 1% of operators  in the Canadian landscape.  When broken down by segment, the LSR category is 48% Quick Service, 30% LSR Beverages, 20% Fast Casual, and 2% Delivery & take-away and Buffet locations.

With regard to menu types, Varied Menu makes up 40% of the FSR landscape. The other leading menu types in FSR are Asian (15%) and Pizza & Italian (11%). In the LSR segment, a Beverage menu type accounts for 25% of the market. Pizza & Italian (17%) and Sandwich/Soup (16%) round out the top three menu types in Canada.

One notable difference between FSR and LSR in Canada is the number of Independent restaurant units. (CHD Expert defines an Independent restaurant as an establishment with 9 or less units countrywide.) In the LSR segment, just 44% of restaurants are classified as Independent while the overwhelming majority (92%) of FSRs are Independent operators.

FSR and LSR both have a strong presence in Ontario, making up 52% and 48% of the province’s landscape, respectively. The province of Ontario is also home to the most restaurants in Canada, accounting for 44% of Canada’s total restaurant landscape.

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