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Foodservice Distributors Can Use Data to Grow Their Businesses

09:12:07 AM

Foodservice distributors have benefited from many of the technological evolutions and advances of the past decade, and as we move even further into a world where innovations are happening at lightning speed, smart distributors will be looking for the next technological building block that will help them grow their businesses. Accurate foodservice data is that building block.

With foodservice data at their fingertips foodservice distribution companies can better analyze their operations, streamline processes, better understand the market, and generate higher revenues. The restaurant industry and distribution industries are linked – when the restaurant industry grows, so can the distribution industry. Foodservice distributors need comprehensive data on the restaurant industry landscape in order to make smart business decisions that will ultimately propel the business forward.

But foodservice distributors also need actionable data the stretches beyond the restaurant industry. CHD Expert’s database covers multiple segments in both commercial and non-commercial categories, including hotels and lodging, bars, catering, recreation establishments, hospitals and healthcare, business and industry, and schools, colleges, and universities. In addition, the database also has information on the retail category, including grocery stores, convenience stores/gas stations, stadiums and clubs, and other food retailers like bakeries, liquor stores, and specialty markets.

By having access to this type of foodservice data, distributors can perform a competitive analysis, target potential customers, and make strategic positioning and planning decisions.

With operator-level data foodservice distributors are able to examine the overall foodservice industry or drill down into specific segments, such as chains and independents, categories, and menu types. This vital business information allows distributors to identify new opportunities, create superior proposals as well as winning sales and marketing campaigns that help to grow sales. Distributors can accomplish this by targeting operators that aren’t currently buying and focusing their sales resources on larger operators while deploying digital and direct marketing campaigns to target smaller operators.

Distributors that want to make intelligent sales and marketing decisions need accurate and actionable foodservice data.

CHD Expert’s Easy2FIND database has over 40+ filters distributors can use to segment data. We painstakingly collect, analyze, segment and manage millions of data records in order to provide our clients with the most detailed information possible for today’s constantly evolving foodservice industry. We also update our databases monthly to ensure that the foodservice data our clients are using reflects the most recent changes in the marketplace.

Are you interested in learning more about how foodservice data can improve operations and generate higher sales revenue for distributors? If you’d like to speak with one of our representatives, please email [email protected] Or, feel free to give us a call.

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