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Heineken launches new cannabis brew in California

Hi-Fi Hops, from California beer brand Lagunitas – owned by brewing giant Heineken – is produced with marijuana rather than alcohol.

The new brew is currently only available in a select number of dispensaries throughout California, where marijuana is legal.

Kraft Heinz Brand IR Presentations_Sm_091918

Plant-Based Meat Sales Have Increased by 23 Percent in the Last Year

Kraft Heinz is reinvesting in the company, shifting toward an organic growth strategy, according to CEO Bernardo Hees.

Notably, it added roughly 300 in-store operators and earmarked money for convenience stores, club stores, dollar stores, gas stations, e-commerce and foodservice, Food Business News reported.


Greater distribution central to Conagra’s growth plans

Frozen innovation that will expand Conagra’s total points of distribution (T.P.D.) includes targeting new dayparts with an eye on modern wellness and new cuisine offerings, Mr. Connolly said. He added the company will be bringing more handheld items to market as well.

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Tapingo to be sold to Grubhub for $150M

Tapingo, the food-ordering platform popular across a number of college campuses, will be acquired by Grubhub in a deal valued at “approximately $150 million,” both brands announced today.


Beck’s launches six new label designs for its beer brand in UK

AB InBev’s Beck’s has released new label designs for its beer brand.

Created by six artists as part of the company’s Be Kreativ campaign, the new designs will be displayed on bottles sold across stores, pubs and bars in the UK to help the owners appeal to new creative audiences.

Hershey steps up e-commerce efforts

Hershey Co. wants to sell more candy and snacks directly to its customers online.
"The lines are blurring between physical stores and digital shopping," Ms. Buck told attendees of the conference in New York.

"The shopping cart, shelf and checkout still exist but now it's in your pocket, on your phone."

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