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CHD Expert is warming up for the 80th “Big Dance” Tournament finale with its Foodservice Research and Landscape on this year’s hosting city – San Antonio

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It’s time for Madness!!! Did this year’s “bracketology” fail you or is your team already on its way to the March Madness tournament? Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, you can’t escape the ‘March Madness’ fever – It’s the big dance of buzzer-beating baskets, the euphoria of winning to play another day or the suffering of taking a loss.

So, which team will take the championship? Will North Carolina take the big win again? Perhaps Kansas will recreate the 2008 championship? UCLA, the most rewarded team? Kentucky with eight national titles? Or will we witness a brand-new Cinderella?

Tournaments are just a few days away and all eyes are on to San Antonio, which will host the Final Four and championship games.

An influx of 71,000 visitors is expected to reach San Antonio, creating an economic impact of $185 million resulting from the use of local hotels, restaurants, retail & shopping and more. This amount has increased by $88 million since 2008, the last time San Antonio hosted the Final Four.

To help you with the one ingredient that no game night is complete without, and move from the basketball court to the food court – CHD Experts did a special research on the foodservice and hospitality landscape in San Antonio:

Welcome to San Antonio’s Food Industry

If food is your business, you should know that as of February 2018, there are over 4,400 food operators in San Antonio (2.5 per 1000 citizens), with an average unit volume of $907,177. 52% of restaurants are classified as full-service restaurants, with the majority categorized as casual dining restaurants (36% of all San Antonio restaurants).

“Pick & Roll” is more your style?! San Antonio’s’ biggest chains are: Subway (104 operators), McDonald’s (78 operators), Starbucks (64 operators), Sonic Drive-In (50 operators), Whataburger (50 operators) – most of them make $500K-$2.5M in annual sales.

The largest players in the market are independent restaurants and major-chains (holding 500+ units). 67% percent of San Antonio operators are independent, while the major chains hold 22% of the foodservice landscape.

The average annual spend on food, beverage and disposable purchases per-operator across the US is $180,000. But San Antonio goes way over budget creating great opportunities for suppliers in the food industry. In San Antonio, restaurants spend in average $294,000 per operator on food, beverages, and disposable purchases.

Mexican food is a “slam dunk” in San Antonio, with the most common menu type (970 operators), and the most sought-after for visitors in the Alamo City, followed by Varied Menu (589 operators), Hamburgers (377 operators), Pizzerias (252 operators), and Sandwiches (212 operators).

When looking at independent restaurants, in addition to the Mexican and Varied menu, we’ll also find a lot of Bar & Grills, Chinese, and Barbecues.

Healthy is more your business? 9% of San Antonio restaurants offer vegetarian options and 3% offer gluten-free options. Major chains are much friendlier if you are looking for a special menu item (gluten-free/ healthy/ low-fat/ organic/ vegan/ vegetarian) – showing higher percentages than independents across all different menu items (vegetarian – 5% across 4%, healthy – 3% across 1%, gluten free – 3% across 0.5%)

Need a Time Out? San Antonio’s hospitality insights

Whether your team will win or lose, cheering for your team can be very tiring.

According to CHD Expert’s database, there are 360 hotels, resorts and B&Bs in San Antonio to choose from, with an average spend on food, beverages and disposable purchases per operators of $243,750. Most common are 2-star hotels (42%), followed by 3-star (23%) and B&Bs (13%).

Although hosting the Championship games of March Madness is a great opportunity for the San Antonio hospitality industry, our data shows that only 15 new hotels had been opened during 2017, a decrease of 25% compared to the last 2 years of opening hotels. However, a decrease of 17% is shown in closing hotels in 2017, which is a major improvement to the growth rate in closed hotels in 2016.

San Antonio, which combines traditions and history of the Old West, Mexican and Spanish culture alongside with modern styles offers a wide variety of fabulous hotels – brand-name chains and independent, boutique housings. Whether it’s the overall value, design or romance you are looking for, top rated hotels can be found throughout the city, check our hotel’s infographic.

So, take a breath, take a good bite to eat, fill the perfect March Madness bracket and go dancing. San Antonio is waiting.


About CHD Expert North America:

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