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Foodservice Segments: Understanding GFC Codes and Foodservice Definitions

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kitchen-200x200.jpgAs an industry leader in collecting, managing, and analyzing foodservice data, we at CHD Expert are often asked about foodservice segmentation and the various foodservice definitions and GFC codes within the foodservice market. With this being such a frequently asked question, we wanted to take a moment to share our knowledge of foodservice segment definitions in the away-from-home foodservice market.

The Global Foodservice Classification code system was designed to help industry professionals to “speak the same language.” The GFC system segments the foodservice market into relevant industry segments and allows CHD Expert to manage data with an exceptional level of accuracy.

Here is a quick breakdown of foodservice segment definitions, along with a few examples to help you understand the language behind the GFC codes.

Commercial Foodservice – This foodservice segment includes top line segmentation for Restaurants, Lodging, Bars, Transportation Foodservice, Leisure Locations, and Catering.

Non-commercial Foodservice – This foodservice segment includes top line segmentation for Business & Industry, Education, Healthcare, Social Based Leisure, Military, Prisons, and Religious Communities.

Retail/Alternative Foodservice – This foodservice segment includes top line segmentation for Retail Outlets, Food Specialist Retailers, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, and Mobile/Seasonal Outlets.

GFC codes play a role in each of these foodservice segments. While the concept for GFC codes is easily understood, we are sometimes asked questions like, “What does a code 2100 really mean?” In an effort to answer questions like these, we’ve included our top line Commercial Foodservice GFC codes and foodservice definitions below.

GFC Code 2100 – Table Service Restaurants, Full Service Restaurants (FSR)
A restaurant location that is a full service (wait staff) operation.

GFC Code 2300 – Limited Service Restaurants (LSR)
A restaurant location that is a limited service (non-wait staff) operation.

GFC Code 2400 – Lodging
A location to stay temporarily.

GFC Code 2500 – Transport Foodservice
A location associated with transportation that offers foodservice, such as a truck stop diner or in-flight catering.

GFC Code 2600 – Foodservice On Concession, Leisure, Sport, Cultural Sites
A location for recreation or amusement.

GFC Code 2700 – Event Catering, Party Service
A service to provide food and drinks to events.

GFC Code 2800 – Bars / Adult Beverages Oriented Outlets
A location where drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, are served and limited food options may be served.

Interested in learning more about foodservice segments? Click here to review our complete list of foodservice definitions and GFC codes, including Commercial, Non-commercial, and Retail/Alternative.

Would you like to learn more about the foodservice industry in the United States? CHD Expert has all kinds of foodservice data available and our database features 40+ filters you can use to segment data.

If you’d like to speak with one of our representatives, please email [email protected] Or, feel free to give us a call.

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