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Fresh Out of the Oven: A Look at the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks Menu Type in the USA

05:55:49 PM

baked-bread-circle-img.pngIt should come as no surprise that American consumers are big fans of snacks and baked goods. After all, many Americans gleefully celebrate days like National Donut Day, National Bagel Day, and similar holidays. At CHD Expert we have comprehensive data on a variety of menu types, and we recently evaluated our data regarding Bakeries, Donuts, and Snacks.

There are more than 23,500 foodservice establishments classified as the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks Menu Type in the United States, according to CHD Expert’s commercial foodservice database. Within this industry, the Quick Service market segment accounts for 71% of the landscape, Fast Casual for 19%, and Family-style for 10%.

Within the landscape, the top five Menu Types that make up the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks market are Bakery café (38%), Donuts (31%), Bagels (12%), Pretzels (7%), and Snacks (6%). Pastry & cakes and Snacks Menu unclassified round out the landscape.

Independents make up the majority of the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks landscape at 64%. (CHD Expert defines an independent as a foodservice establishment with fewer than 10 units.) Further regarding the landscape of independents and chains, 18% of the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks landscape is made up of chains with 501+ units in operation.

When looking at annual sales, 69% of establishments within the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks Menu Type report revenues of less than $500,000, 17% report annual sales of $500K – $1M, and 12% report annual sales of $1M – $2.5M.

The average check at 47% of Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks establishments is between $7-$10 and between $5-$7 at 30% of locations.

Are you interested in learning more about the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks Menu Type in the United States?

CHD Expert is an industry leader in collecting, managing, and analyzing foodservice data. We have all kinds of foodservice data available and our database features 40+ filters you can use to segment data.

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