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How Lead Scoring Helps Close Deals Faster

We all want qualified leads that move effortlessly throughout the sales cycle as fast as possible. We don’t want to waste time on leads who are not serious. So how do you filter through the noise to locate the best leads?

Data is the Key

By analyzing the right data, you can create a lead scoring system to determine how much of your resources and sales team you should apply to it. Then, using the scores, you can decide which leads are most likely to convert. The whole point here is: It is about assigning higher values to actions that indicate the movement of leads down the sales funnel.

How to Create and Implement a Lead Scoring Model

To implement a lead scoring model, you need to first understand your buyer persona to establish criteria for lead evaluation and scoring.  


A buyer profile reflects your ideal customer but how do you build the personas in the first place? If you have a client base, you can start with an analysis of the buyer responsible for selecting your product or service.


Establish an Ideal Buyer Profile

Before you can qualify leads based on criteria you’ll need information distinguishing one lead from the next. Gather data from your CRM software and sales logs to review past deals and opportunities that showed buyers’ sales readiness.

Identify Criteria

There can be dozens or hundreds of criteria of each type. So whether you’re building off internal records or supplementing your list with external resources, you can go as granular as you like. It might be helpful to be more exhaustive at this point, because you’ll narrow down the list later.

Assign Values per Attribute

Attributes could be customers who requested a free trial at some point, or customers in the finance industry, or customers with 10-20 employees.

Determine Scores and Establish a Threshold

Repeat the process you used to build your comprehensive list of criteria to reach consensus on scoring. Then establish a threshold for when leads are sales ready.

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Making sense of the data can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make it easier via data analysis. And, once you find a way to incorporate data into your decision-making process, you’ll receive a slew of new sales opportunities based on your ideal customer profile. It’s more important than ever that you gather and analyze this information to provide your sales team with the data they need.

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