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How This Beverage Manufacturer Improved its Market Penetration Rate in Germany

Utilizing our business intelligence and data platform, this beverage company is able to take a deep dive into tens of thousands of data points.


Target the beverage sector in Germany.


Understanding what flavors are purchased and what is missing.


Consumer research
survey of 1,045 outlets.


There is room for a premium brand focusing on taste and practicality.


A popular beverage manufacturer came to us to investigate its potential of success entering the German market. They wanted to know the landscape of the current beverage consumption in Germany and to know about the competitors out there in order to position its branding and pricing.


With almost 50 years of history, the company has become not just a favorite brand that people enjoy at home. It is also one of those served most frequently in restaurants and bars. The company is one of the leading producers of fruit beverages in Europe.

Market scenario

Total volume sales of alcoholic drinks in Germany are predicted to decline over the forecast period, with growth constrained by maturity and rising consumer health-consciousness. However, bright spots remain, including the expansion of craft-orientated products in both beer and spirits, which will form part of a broader premium trend.

Methodology: market surveys & Research

A total sample of 1,045 outlets were chosen at random for an 8-10 minute phone interview from our comprehensive German database.

Measure the penetration rate of syrup in beverage preparations.

Measure brand positioning and penetration.

Measure usage inside different categories of outlets.