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How We Helped This Fortune 500 Company Learn It Was Missing 55% of the Swedish Market

Utilizing our business intelligence and data platform, this beverage company was able to analyze its market share while receiving the complete data for the missing market share.


Find White Space Opportunities.


No Way of Knowing if Their Data is Complete


Database Cleansing,
Market Coverage Analysis



High Potential Leads Delivered


This beverage manufacturer wanted to evaluate its current market penetration in Sweden to identify new growth opportunities. When we spoke in March, the company was certain its data was nearly perfect. After all, this Fortune 500 company has access to the latest, most-advanced industry tools. So, we asked for a sample of their data, to show them the difference between working with a general data partner compared to us, who is laser-focused on HORECA. And the results were impressive.

Market Conditions

Sales of soft drinks declined in 2017 despite the country’s growing population. This can be attributed to falling demand in the largest carbonates category as consumers are opting more for sugar-free and healthier options.


Cleanse and segment its existing database.

Understand its penetration in the HORECA market in Sweden.

Identify new opportunities.

results: Database Health Check-up

Expired Records






Incomplete Addresses


Coverage Rate


When we returned the results, the company was shocked to see their data didn’t even cover half of the available outlets.

Market Share 45%

Market Outlook

Because of changing demographics and purchasing behaviors, the growth of soft drinks is not expected to keep up with population growth in Sweden. It’s important that beverage manufacturers capitalize on key consumer insights to identify growing trends. In this location, that means introducing healthier options.

See How Your Data Measures Up

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Dana Roth

Dana Roth


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