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Utilizing our business intelligence and data platform, this French company is able to take a deep dive into tens of thousands of data points.


Identify the best international markets to enter.


Understanding the global demand and landscape for Foie Gras.


Full Analysis on six markets to find the one with the most potential for success.


Identify the best international markets to enter.


A highly popular foie gras food manufacturing company in France came to us wanting to know the demand for their product in six international markets. Once we were able to narrow down the best two markets to enter, we were able to deliver custom marketing messages based on cultural traits in different locations.


The company draws on a long history of expertise. In fact, it has deep roots in fattened duck. The brand is renowned among chefs thanks to its 100% French integrated production units which enable it to offer the finest products to restaurants in France and the rest of the world. 

Market scenario

The world production of Foie Gras is evaluated at close to 26,000 tones in 2015, for a value exceeding 2 billion euros (source FranceAgriMerCifog). With 19 200 tones of merchandise, French production represents nearly three quarters of the world production and the Foie gras producers can penetrate new market.

market research: Options for global expansion

Our Market Research capabilities are powerful tools for exploring and identifying the fastest-growing, most penetrable market for your product.


  • Collected secondary research to understand the key trends in the food and drink industry.
  • Performed primary research to understand the key buying behaviors of the target market for a new ingredient product.
  • What is the number of units in the new location?
  • What is your breakdown by channels?
  • What the average usage per month is; and to define the size of the price?
  • Who are your competitors, and how large are they?
  • What are the required standards, testing, and certifications?
  • Do your products (or their labeling or packaging) need to be modified  for one or more markets?
  • Is your price point appealing within the market? If not, what can you do to make it more appealing?
  • What distribution channels are available? Who the main distributors are in order to fix the Road to Market.

Consumer Survey: Market Feedback

The benefits of this type of research are that you can specifically target desired groups (such as your customers or the geographic market for your business) and can tailor your research instrument to answer specific questions. 


  • Through direct mail

  • Over the telephone

  • On the web or via email

  • In-person


  • Research on product demand globally.
  • New product launch roadmap and activities Based on the market feedback, developed key marketing messages and dependencies
  • Developed the overall marketing approach, tools and timing
  • the Go-To-Market Program you‟ll need, in terms of marketing and sales activities.