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March Trade Show Recap – Pizza Expo and the Bar and Nightclub Show

04:19:00 PM

Foodservice trade shows are plentiful in March and this month our Director of Sales, Brad Bloom, has been racking up the air miles.  After recent visits to Orlando and Toronto, Brad is on the road once again, attending the 2014 Pizza Expo and the Nightclub and Bar show in Las Vegas.

Going on a business trip to Las Vegas to talk about bars and pizza sounds like a party, and while there is a lot of fun to be had, business is certainly the focus.  Pizza and going out for drinks are staples in American culture and businesses who cater to these industries continue to innovate.

Here are a few highlights and pictures from each show:

International Pizza Expo 2014:

  • The exhibit floor was packed with new product and food innovations
  • Pizza is still one of the most popular menu types in America
  • There are common Pizzeria startup mistakes and consultants who coach those entrepreneurs looking to get into the pizza industry
  • Gluten and food allergies are becoming more and more important to pizzerias, as consumer demand requires alternative ingredients

Bar and Nightclub Show

  • Security is important from bouncers to ID scanners, bars and nightclubs need to make sure they are complying with the law and providing a safe drinking environment
  • Technology is helping with inventory management and monitoring how much product is being consumed
  • Small batch and craft beverages are becoming more popular among consumers creating more diverse flavor profiles and a more diverse product range
  • In addition to drinking at these establishments, consumers also want to be entertained and there are new takes on old bar pastimes, like beer pong, karaoke, darts and more.
  • Selfies, funny photos and other fun shenanigans are inevitable at any bar and club event

Alas here are some fun photos that were taken at the Las Vegas Trade Shows:




Brad Bloom just couldn’t resit meeting new people at the Bar & Nightclub Show

Overall, we had a blast attending both trade shows as we love getting insight about the foodservice indusrty by what we see and hear on the the exhibit floors.  We met so many great people and we hope to keep in touch. As we mentioned duirng or conversations, CHD Expert specializes in foodservice data, and if you want to better understand the pizzerias or bars and nightclubs in your area, make sure to get in touch with Brad.

If you want to find out more about the Pizza Industry, click below to download a complementary infographic about the Pizza industry in the USA.

Pizza Industry Infographic


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