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New Restaurant Data: The Evolving Restaurant Landscape of the US

09:00:00 AM

Many people in the foodservice industry dream of owning their own restaurant.

According to the National Restaurant Association, eight in ten restaurant employees believe that the restaurant industry is a field where people from all backgrounds could open their own business. Experience within the foodservice industry can be beneficial to achieving this goal, as the NRA also reports that eight in ten restaurant owners started their careers in entry-level foodservice industry positions.

With so many restaurant employees and other entrepreneurs interested in starting foodservice businesses, the landscape of new restaurants in the United States is continuously evolving. As of September 2015, there are over 100,900 new restaurants within CHD Expert’s Easy2FIND. Of these, 47% are Full Service Restaurants (FSRs) and 53% are Limited Service Restaurants (LSRs).

In total, new restaurants make up 15% of the overall restaurant landscape in the US, and the top five menu types for new restaurants are Varied Menu, Mexican, Pizzeria, Coffee/Tea, and Sandwiches.

For this blog, new restaurants are defined by years in business. A “new” restaurant may fit into one of three categories: open for less than 30 days, open 30 days to 1 year, or open 1 to 2 years. See below for a breakdown of new restaurants in the FSR and LSR segments by years in business.

new restaurant data

In terms of Chains vs. Independents, the LSR landscape for new restaurants is closely split, with 42% Independents and 58% Chains. The FSR landscape, however, is more dramatically split with 93% of new FSRs being Independent and just 7% being classified as Chains. (CHD Expert defines a chain as having 10 or more units in operation.)

In terms of prevalence by state, Texas ranks first, with 18.79% of the state’s restaurant landscape being made up of new restaurants. It is closely followed by Florida (18.22%), Nevada (18.21%), Washington & DC (18.12%), and Arkansas (16.68%).

Many restaurant owners in both FSR and LSR segments across the United States list food and operational costs as challenges in their businesses. Suppliers interested in offering solutions for these challenges can target new operators by using comprehensive foodservice data to assess the current market and develop strategies for effectively connecting with prospects.

Manufacturers and suppliers can also target these new restaurants before they even open their doors. CHD Expert’s Pre-Open data lets suppliers target foodservice businesses that are on the verge of opening and may be looking to source new equipment, supplies, disposables and other operator purchases.

Are you interested in learning more about new restaurant data and pre-open data?

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