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CHD Expert Identifies Target-Rich Environments for Education Foodservice Suppliers In Q3 and Q4 of 2017

CHD Expert evaluates the nation’s schools and university foodservice landscape, to help suppliers identify target buyers in this lucrative market.

(Chicago, IL – July 11, 2017) – While summer break is a needed lull for most faculty who work in the 162,600 schools and districts across the United States, to those who operate within the foodservice departments, summer is a busy time for meal planning and solidifying the foodservice requirements for the coming school year.

This July, Annual Conferences will be had by both the School Nutrition Association and the National Association of College & University Food Services; and in advance of these events, CHD Expert breaks down the education foodservice landscape of the USA.

According to CHD Expert’s data, as of July 2017 the education foodservice segment is broken down as follows: there are more than 15,700 pre-schools, more than 122,500 K-12 schools, more than 13,400 school districts, more than 9,100 colleges & universities, and more than 1,600 “Other” educational establishments in the United States.

Primary schools make up approximately 79 percent of the total K-12 landscape, and 97 percent of these schools have enrollments of 1,000 or less children. Among Secondary schools, 76 percent have enrollments of 1,000 or less. Public schools dominate the primary and secondary school landscape, making up 83 percent of the K-12 landscape.

Foodservice providers searching for new opportunities in the education industry should consider the metric of meals served per day as well as participation in the Free and Reduced Lunches program. By understanding the concentration of participation in the program, providers can more accurately strategize their sales and marketing campaigns within the education sector. According to CHD Expert’s data, there are more than 8,500 Primary schools and more than 4,300 Secondary schools in the United States that have more than 500 students that receive Free and Reduced Meals.

CHD Expert’s data also indicates that the five states that provide the most Free and Reduced Lunches as a percentage of total students served are California (10 percent), Texas (9 percent), New York (5 percent), Illinois (5 percent), and Florida (4 percent).

In terms of meals served per day, 38 percent of school districts in the U.S. serve 2,000 and more meals per day. Colleges and Universities are particularly target-rich environments with regard to this metric, as 43 percent of C&U 2-year and 41 percent of C&U 4-year institutions serve 2,000 and more meals per day.

When selling to educational institutions, it is critical for suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to become well versed in the varied requirements that foodservice directors must take into account when sourcing products and choosing vendors. A thorough understanding of the education foodservice landscape is the key to making informed strategy decisions and establishing long-term relationships.

“There are many variables when it comes to serving the education foodservice market, including enrollment, government-supported budgets, and meals served per day, among others,” said Catherine Kearns, General Manager at CHD Expert The Americas. “Having access to accurate and comprehensive foodservice industry data gives providers the ‘inside look’ into the nation’s schools they need to develop effective sales campaigns and increase revenues within the education market.”

To view this information in an infographic click here, or to receive a list of these schools broken down by state and/or size, please contact [email protected].


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