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CHD Expert Now Offers Restaurant Data on the Brazilian Foodservice Market

CHD Expert’s restaurant data is now available for the Brazilian marketplace, identifying Padarias, Quilos, Lanchonetes and other restaurants that are unique to Brazil’s unique and diverse foodservice market.

Brazil may be best known for soccer and Carnival, but what most people may not know is that this vibrant nation is filled with interesting restaurants and many Brazilian foodies. With an evolving economy and a diverse and remarkable restaurant landscape, it is easy to see why CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, wanted to gather data about Brazil. As of this September 2014, CHD Expert’s clients can now access Brazilian restaurant data in CHD Expert FIND® (Foodservice Industry National Database).

With over 500,000 points of sale, the CHD Expert Brazilian Foodservice database also includes information on hotels, bars and taverns, bakeries, and will soon include non-commercial foodservice data (healthcare, education, business & industry, etc.). CHD Expert collects data on all establishments where one can eat, drink or sleep outside of their home.

For restaurants, users of FIND can explore many data points about the Brazilian restaurant landscape, such as menu type, restaurant location, average check cost, Independent vs. Chain restaurant counts, and other important variables.

For example, in Brazil the average check for a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) is below 20R$ (Reales), while the average check for Fast Casual establishments is above 20R$. Checks in Buffets & Cafeterias tend to be a bit more expensive and average between 25R$ and 50R$.

When it comes to Chains restaurants vs. Independent restaurants, Brazil skews strongly toward Independents, with nearly 94% of Limited Service Restaurants (LSRs) being Independent and over 99% of Full Service Restaurants (FSR) being Independent. In that sense, the restaurant data in Brazil is very different when compared to the United States restaurant landscape, and is more similar to what CHD Expert observes in Europe.

CHD Expert is also excited to announce that Paul Hagege, CEO & founder of CHD Expert, will be a keynote speaker at the ABIA International Food Service Congress in São Paulo, Brazil on September 17, 2014. Mr. Hagege will discuss the global foodservice market and compare the Brazilian market with other top countries in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Brazil is a very multicultural nation and this is reflected in its food. CHD Expert’s FIND shows that the second largest menu type in Brazil, after “Varied Menu,” is “Bakery & Salgados” (salted pastries). In Brazil these establishments are called “padarias,” and they are unlike anything in the United States or Europe. Padarias bake bread and make pastries, but they also sell groceries and serve food. Brazilians prefer freshly baked breads, so they often make an early morning and evening trip to their local padaria to purchase baguettes, rolls, and other breads. They also enjoy packaged cookies, but instead of the sandwich cookies found on American grocery store shelves, Brazilian markets offer coconut and cornstarch cookies.

In addition to padarias, Brazil enjoys diversity in its restaurant landscape. São Paulo is the nations most populous city and is the second largest pizza consumer in the world after New York. According to data from CHD Expert’s FIND database, “Pizza & Pasta” is the third most popular menu type in Brazil (“Steak/Seafood” and “Frozen Desserts” round out the top five), and São Paulo even has an annual “Pizza Day” on July 10.

Like most other foods, Brazil does pizza a little differently than what we are used to in the United States. Pizzerias in Brazil strictly serve pizza – visiters generally won’t find pasta dishes or other food items on the menu, but will find a wide variety of toppings. Even the dessert at Brazilian pizzerias is pizza, so customers can enjoy chocolate pizza, brigadeiro (Brazilian chocolate bonbon) pizza, dulce de leche pizza, and pizzas topped with bananas and cinnamon. Pizza is served in padarias as well, which makes the padarias more like small retail stores or restaurants.

Sushi is also wildly popular in São Paulo, as Brazil has a large population of Japanese decedents and expatriates. This population takes fish restaurants seriously, which results in delicious, fresh sushi dishes that Brazilians love.

If Brazilians aren’t in the mood for sushi, they can visit another restaurant type that is very specific to Brazil: the quilo. In Brazil “comida a quilo” or “comida por quilo” literally means “food by the kilo.” At these buffet-like establishments Brazilians load up their plates and pay based on the weight of the food, excluding the weight of the plate. Food is sold by the kilo regardless of what it is. These restaurants are mostly self-service restaurants, some of which are all-you-can-eat, similar to a traditional “buffet”. They usually serve home-style Brazilian food like meats, rice, beans, vegetables, pastries, and salads.

One additional Brazilian eating establishment worth introducing is the “lanchonete”. Lanchonetes are generally inexpensive snack bars that typically serve juices and hot, light meals like hamburgers. Brazilians as well as travelers stop at these establishments for a small, quick meal. Lanchonetes are quite popular and can be found on many street corners in Brazil. Diners typically sit on stools on the sidewalk where they can enjoy their food and soak in the Brazilian sun.

Brazil and Latin America represents an important new geography for CHD Expert and our customers,” said Guilherme Nunes, Latin America Business Development Manager. “Data on these emerging markets has been almost non existent in the past, but we are now applying our foodservice data collecting abilities to the Brazilian market as well as Mexico and other Latin American nations. We are excited to explore this landscape with our clients and help them develop innovative sales and marketing strategies that align with their desires for stronger global expansion and foreign market penetration.

To learn more about the restaurant landscape in Brazil, please contact Guilherme Nunes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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