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Discover your market potential with CHD Expert’s new landscape on the hotel industry

February is the most romantic month with Valentine’s Day, providing you a valid excuse for a loving getaway, CHD Expert, a global leader in aggregating, analyzing, and managing foodservice & hospitality data, has examined the hotels landscape in the most romantic destinations in the US, and offering a sneak peek to the US hospitality market.

(Chicago, IL – February 20, 2018) – Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of freedom while entering an indulging room in a 4 or 5-star hotel, a charming B&B or a grand resort? The pampering service and facilities, tight sheets, extremely soft towels, enormous bathrooms, breathtaking view, mouthwatering room service menus and romantic atmosphere?

As of February 2018, there is a total of 72,818 hotels, B&B and resorts in the US, which correlates to 0.24 hotels per 1000 citizens (or 500 Valentine’s couples). Of these, 57% are independents, while 43% are classified as chains. See below the breakdown of the main segments in the U.S. hotel industry by total number of units.

The most welcoming states, with the largest number of hotels and B&B, are California (7,092), Texas (6,062), Florida (5,348), New York (3,596), and Pennsylvania (2,537).

We see a slightly different picture when looking at the most romantic destinations in the US (according to a report by U.S News & World), located in Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Among the top 10 Romantic destinations, Bed & Breakfast establishments seem to be the most suitable for lovers with 36% of the lodging market (a significant climb compared to U.S. having 23% of the hospitality industry in the B&B category).

The unique landscape of these romantic getaways is also noticeable when examining ownership type – 76% of lodging operators are independents, while only 14% are owned by major chains (as opposed to 32% across the US).

Within the top 10 romantic destinations in the US, Cape Cod is the leading destination in B&B; Savannah has the most 2 star hotels and Maui offers the most 3, 4, 5-star hotels and resorts.

The average annual spend on food, beverage and disposable purchases per-operator across the US is $180,000. But some of our top romantic destinations go way over budget creating great opportunities for suppliers in the food industry. In Napa, California, 42 establishments spend $8 million a year on food, beverages, and disposable purchases, averaging at $190,000 per operator.

Another Georgia mega-star is Savannah, with an average spend of $216,000 per operator. There is more than coconuts and amazing sunsets to keep your eyes set on Hawaii. The average hotel operator in Maui and Kawai devotes $338,000 annually to food, beverage, and disposable purchases almost twice the annual average.

Within the top 10 romantic destinations, operators’ largest spend is on protein (26%), followed by fresh and frozen products (19%) and dry products (16%).

To obtain detailed information on the hotel industry landscape in the United States, foodservice data in general or get a detailed report on operators’ spending by category, please contact [email protected]. Or to download our Hotel Industry Infographic, please click here.

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