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The Eagles and the Patriots Will Clash in Super Bowl LII and CHD EXPERT is Warming Up by Reviewing the Foodservice Landscape in This Year’s Hosting City – Minneapolis.

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Super Bowl Sunday is here!!! There’s no doubt that The Super Bowl is a climax of entertainment in US sports culture, but according to Forbes magazine, it is also the largest food consumption day after Thanksgiving. CHD Experts studied the foodservice landscape in Minneapolis to help you prepare the second most important ingredient of the night – your game night snack!

Last years’ Super Bowl shocked waves when the New England Patriots pulled off a historic comeback to win in overtime and go home as national champions.150,000 estimated visitors packed Houston and spent over $292 million on hotels, food, retail & shopping and more. (Whose $59.4 million in Food & Beverage)

Painting the Twin Cities With Navy Blues and Midnight Greens

Super Bowl LII is expected to bring 125,400 visitors to Minnesota, spending $62.8 million on food and beverages, so there is no surprise that the “Silicon Valley of food” has something to offer for any foodie. Local expenses on food and beverages might even increase with take-out orders pouring in for operators working with Uber Eat, making the delivery service more accessible than ever before.

As of January 2018, there are over 2,000 foodservice operators in Minneapolis, following a growth of 8% in restaurants opening during 2017. The largest players in the market are independent restaurants and -major chains (holding 500+ units). 67% percent of Minneapolis operators are independent creating 54% of the annual revenue sales and averaging at $725,000 per unit. Major chains hold 21% of the foodservice landscape, passing the average sales revenue in the city by 27%.

Looking for a Place to Eat?

The larger of the Twin Cities is ready to impress! With 4 Minneapolis-based chefs who have won the James Beard Foundation Awards and 13 finalists in 2017 alone, you are guaranteed to find the perfect place to warm up before game night. The segmentation of menu types is very similar to the national landscapes, with the most common menu types being: Varied menu (16%), Pizzeria & Pasta/Italian (11%), Beverages (11%), Sandwiches (10%) and Traditional American (8%).

Don’t Pass These Culinary Gems

Minneapolis has too many “don’t miss” eating experiences and signature dishes, so have your eat-out schedule perfected!

  • Leading the iconic “New Nordic Cuisine” is The Bachelor Farmer, defined by the use of fresh ingredients and whole-animal butchery and known for their elegant and creative menu.
  • Spoon and Stable is owned by James Beard Award winner, chef Gavin Kaysen. Its Midwest seasonal theme and mouthwatering seafood options make it unforgettable.
  • Chef Isaac Beckers’ 112 Eatery is ranked 3rd on Trip Advisor’s list of Minneapolis restaurants, serving elevated comfort fare and a casual atmosphere.
  • Monello offers sophisticated interpretations of Italian cuisine, including exceptional seafood and craft cocktails.
  • No introduction of the Minneapolis cuisine is complete without mentioning the greatest rivalry in the food industry since Cubas’ Bacardi vs. Havana Club. The Jucy Lucy is known as the best cheese-stuffed burger and a signature meal for Twin Citizens. Two local bars, Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club, have been feuding about inventing the Lucy since the 1950s, but wherever you choose to indulge yourself, you’re definitely in for a treat.

If you’re looking for the known and familiar, Minneapolis’ biggest chains are Subway (60 operators in the city), Caribou Coffee (53 op.), McDonald’s (31 op.) and Starbucks (30 op.).

Minneapolis also has some great options for those looking to switch the classic chicken wings and pizzas to quinoa and other great health food, with over 50% of its restaurants offering different healthy menu items. In comparison, only 30% of all US restaurants offer healthy options in their menus, the most common being vegetarian items, offered in 12% of restaurants.

Want to learn more about healthy restaurants in the US, including what shifts are occurring in the healthy menu landscape? Click here to access the 2018 Healthy Restaurants press release.

The game is on with healthy food

Looking for the best places to grab a healthy meal in Minneapolis? Don’t miss out on these top rates cafes:

  • The French Meadow Café is a trendsetter when it comes to healthy, gluten-free and vegan cuisine.
  • Seward Community Café – one of the top vegetarian-friendly restaurants offers an abundant menu and eclectic décor.
  • Birchwood café offers great seasonal dishes making you wish you could time-travel and the perfect options for a trendy breakfast.

Call for Time Out and Take a Break

Now that we have your stomachs growling, let’s discover where you should rest your head. Super Bowl LII will generate an estimated total of 230,000 room nights at Twin City hotels. Surprisingly, according to CHD Experts data, we discovered a growth of 25% in the number of closed hotels during 2017 and a 27% decrease in the number of new hotels opened in 2017. Minneapolis has 108 lodging options, most (30%) of them classified as 2-star, midscale hotels.

Minneapolis visitors can find a great variety of fabulous hotels, including both brand-name chains and independent, boutique housings. Top rated hotels can be found throughout the city, including the tasteful Commons Hotel, the affordable University Inn, the artsy Le Meridien Chambers and the lively Hewing Hotel.

Whether you’re going to dominate with the Patriots or soar with the Eagles, the flavor is never a concern in Minneapolis and its’ great culinary landscape ensures that you’ll never get bored.


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