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Target Specific Foodservice Operators with CHD Expert’s 280+ Attributes & Field Categories

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CHD Expert has collected, analyzed, and managed foodservice and hospitality data for more than 20 years, giving us unique insights into how businesses can use accurate data to become more profitable in such a fast-moving industry.

Our comprehensive and segmented data allows clients to create revenue-generating objectives within growing local and global markets. Breaking these markets down into hyper-segmented buckets lets foodservice professionals target their ideal prospects and create strong sales and marketing campaigns to reach them.

Our clients have access to 280+ fields (see examples below) that they can use to identify and catalog prospective customers, including geography, market segments, and other operator attributes.

Comprehensive and clean industry data is a powerful tool for any foodservice professional, and CHD Expert has created Easy2FIND, the most complete and accurate foodservice database search tool in the industry. With the Easy2FIND query tool, clients can target prospects by geography, even down to the zip code, and narrow searches on a granular level.

Clients that use the Easy2FIND platform to target operators by specific attributes are able to get a quick, accurate look at the foodservice landscape and identify the operators that are most likely to buy. By using Easy2FIND’s extensive search options, your sales team can become more efficient and knowledgeable about trends within the foodservice industry in their territory. CHD Expert has an extensive list of operator attributes and fields available within Easy2FIND, and you can familiarize yourself with them by browsing the list below. 

Are you interested in experiencing the power of Easy2FIND for yourself? Click here to register for a free 7-day trial of our foodservice database.



  • Region
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone Area Code
  • Address Radius
  • Multi-location radius search
  • Territory


Market segments

  • Commercial
    • Full Service Restaurants
    • Limited Service Restaurants
    • Lodging
    • Sports, Leisure & Casual
    • Event Catering, Party Service
    • Bars / Adult Beverages Oriented Outlets
  • Non-Commercial
    • Business & Industry (B&I)
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Social-Based Leisure
    • Military and Prisons
  • Retail
    • Food retailers
    • Retail stores


Business size

  • Annual F, B & D Potential $
  • # of Employees
  • Annual Sales


Commercial attributes

  • Credit Score Rating
  • Chain Ownership Type
  • Ownership Change (Yes/No)
  • GPO
  • Units
  • Years In Business


Restaurant attributes

  • Service offered**
  • Average Check
  • Alcohol
  • Dayparts
  • Menu items**
  • Menu Type


Hotel attributes

  • Number of Rooms
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Banquet Facility


Information fields

  • Confidence level
  • Information Required**
  • Required Social Links**


Consumer Census Data

  • Population Range by zip code
  • Food Away From Home Spend – National Index Range
  • Ethnicity – National Index Range**
  • Operator Density
  • Household Income


Client-specific fields

  • Customer Status
  • Last Order Date
  • YTD Sales Volume
  • YTD Case Volume
  • Product Category (Purchased in the Last 12 months)
  • Market Share %
  • Foodservice Rewards Status


* Geography filters vary by country. Filters shown here apply to the United States.

** On this filter, criteria are cumulative. If you select several values, you will pull only operators matching all selected values.

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