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Drive your business strategy, both domestically and abroad, with information available for 70+ nations.

  • FACET reports contain country specific performance data from 2009 through the present.
  • Additional reports contain information and analysis on various topics within the global foodservice and hospitality industries.
  • Use filters to search our library or allow us to create a custom report based on your specifications.

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    The Independent Grocery Operator List

    Get to know your grocery customers. Download the list of GROCERY INDEPENDENT OPERATORS. Get the insights now. If customized reports are needed, contact us.


    The Pizza Operator List

    Get to know your pizza customers. Download the list of pizza operators, both on individual level and on headquarter level. Get the insights now. A partnership between PMQ, the pizza expert and CHD, the data expert.


    The European Lunch Break

    Budget, places of consumption & frequency, break duration, popular dishes, perception & habits… Every European country has its specific features when it comes to the Lunch Break! CHD Expert conducted the survey in Europe, in Franc ...



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