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Foodservice & Restaurant Market Research

Market Research

Providing qualitative and quantitative research in foodservice, restaurant & hospitality

Market research is an invaluable process for an expanding organization. It can help you make evidence-based decisions backed up by facts and true market reactions.

CHD conducts both Qualitative and Quantitative market research on both the foodservice and restaurant industry to provide you with the insights you need to make right business decisions. We collect, analyze and draw conclusions about data so you can better understand markets, product usage, or consumer and operator desires.

We provide Ad Hoc research, which is customized and conducted to produce and uncover findings for your particular needs, be it in the restaurant or hospitality space. You may also purchase off-the-shelf reports containing findings from the many market studies we have conducted in the past, including Foodservice Annual Count and Expenditure Tracking Reports (FACET).

Common tactics we use to conduct market research include:

  • Online Panels
  • Experiments and trials
  • Focus groups
  • In depth or semi-directive interviews
  • Direct observation

  • CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
  • CAWI – Computer Assisted Web Interviewing
  • Multi Country Studies
  • Market Barometer

Eliminate the costs of guessing and allow data to position you for success in a complex dynamic marketplace.

Contact us to consider if our data and market research capabilities are a good investment for your organization.

For over 20 years, CHD Expert has collected, analyzed, and managed foodservice and hospitality data to help businesses win in this fragmented and fast-moving industry. Our comprehensive and segmented data allows us to adapt our local and global insights to our clients’ objectives. From ideas to execution, we deliver actionable solutions that drive business growth.

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