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Market Sizing

Market Sizing

Understand the actual “size of the prize” for your brands and products within the foodservice market.

One of the biggest challenges faced in foodservice is understanding the size of the market for food, beverage and disposable purchases. Whether your needs extend to your specific products or brands or you need a general product category sized, CHD Expert has the expertise and data needed to bring you this intelligence.

CHD provides Market Sizing for Food, Beverage and Disposable purchases down to the operator level or as an aggregate. This intelligence offers you a clear view of the “size of the prize” in any given market in the following product categories:

  • Protein
  • Fresh
  • Frozen
  • Dry
  • Beverage (non alcohol and alcohol)
  • Disposables

If your needs extend to a more precise and detailed market sizing specific to your products and services, CHD has the expertise to gather the information needed to provide you a clear vision on how much potential there is to sell your product in the foodservice industry.

Market Sizing is determined with operator transactional data or through surveys.

We can either utilize your transactional data, gather information through our many call centers, or survey foodservice operators digitally, in order to size the market for your specific products. The intelligence gathered, mirrored up with the CHD FIND database attributes gives us a clear picture of what the market bears for the sale of your product. By utilizing modeling software, our data scientist team can model and size any product in the industry bringing you the intelligence you need to target large potential operators in the foodservice market.

Also, with these results, you are able to overlay your product sales to determine your market share that will enable you to target markets where you have the highest potential to grow your business.

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For over 20 years, CHD Expert has collected, analyzed, and managed foodservice and hospitality data to help businesses win in this fragmented and fast-moving industry. Our comprehensive and segmented data allows us to adapt our local and global insights to our clients’ objectives. From ideas to execution, we deliver actionable solutions that drive business growth.

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