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Mobile Advertising

Deliver Timely Ads to Hungry Customers

Leveraging Big Data can help foodservice suppliers and restaurant and hotel operators better understand business opportunities. Our mobile advertising solutions, powered by Vectaury, can help you identify these opportunities and deliver new customers to your restaurant or new buyers to your brand.

We monitor over 38 million mobile users, and around 300 locations per day for each user, which gives us access to over 1 billion items of geo-located and segmented data per day.

By collecting and analyzing the anonymous data emitted from their smartphones, and crossing mobile data with years of geo-profiling and geolocation data, we can anonymously profile mobile users to uncover their tendencies and likes. Then use this information to deliver targeted ads to their phones at the right place and time.

The process works like this:

  • Identify ultra-defined target audiences from our database.
  • Deliver dynamic advertising plans to prospects with profiles similar to your own customers, or to those of your competitors.
  • Reengage past visitors with our powerful in-store tracking techniques.
  • Analyze mobile users’ movement to understand their habits; where they go and how often they go there.
  • Uncover the places your target audiences spend their time—down to the address level— to more specifically target your communication strategies.
  • Shed light on your competition, including on their customers and observed traffic.
  • Find out areas of opportunity for your communication plans and new projects.

Let us help make your mobile advertising be more effective than ever before. Fill out the below form to discuss pricing and details.

“CHD has the most comprehensive data in foodservice. Using the CHD Easy2FIND tool gives us immediate data details for any prospective operator in the foodservice industry. They have helped us discover new areas that have been a mystery to us for many years.“ - See more at: /resource-center/client-testimonials#sthash.KJbdtbqG.dpuf

Rob Ahrensdorf Director of Marketing - Shamrock Foods
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