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Foodservice Industry White Paper

Overcoming the Business Challenges Associated with Inadequate Foodservice Industry Data


Situation: Traditional Foodservice Industry Data is Inconsistent, Rendering it In-Actionable

According to industry research, data degrades at 2.1% per month and every year 25-30% of data goes inaccurate.
 Lead generation programs fueled with incorrect data results in a decrease in marketing effectiveness and sales

In addition to its inconsistent and incomplete nature, the data also lacks the structure necessary to make it
 actionable to drive new business. This can negatively affect strategic decision-making and productivity across an 
entire foodservice organization including marketing, sales, finance and management. As a result, the regular use of incomplete and fragmented data increases operational costs resulting in ineffective lead-generation, and fewer new business opportunities.

Problem: Incomplete Data Resources Result in Higher Costs and Decreased Efficiencies

The level of data quality in a foodservice organization has a direct impact of operating costs and efficiencies. In turn, the consistent use of incomplete, inaccurate, or fragmented industry data results in higher sales-related costs and greater marketing program expenditures.

For example, inferior data results in non-optimized business processes, poor market intelligence, lack of market 
analytics, disconnected customer awareness, wasted sales calls, and higher prospecting and marketing costs. Nonactionable information results in wrong operator addresses, wasted postage, lower response rates, and poor “street level” operator information. Without access to higher quality data, a foodservice organization cannot achieve their anticipated sales and marketing goals.

Solution: A Global Foodservice Information Framework with Regularly Updated and Highly 
Targeted Information

Today’s foodservice providers require highly targeted and up-to-date foodservice industry information to achieve 
success in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

What foodservice providers need for superior sales and marketing campaigns is the CHD Expert Solution
 Framework, which provides highly accurate foodservice industry market intelligence to foodservice providers of 
all sizes around the globe. CHD Expert meticulously collects, researches, segments and manages millions of data 
records and intelligence in order to provide its clients with the most detailed information possible for today’s fast changing foodservice industry. Monthly updates ensure the data reflects the most recent location opens, closes, and changes in ownership.

Result: Data Segmentation/Market Intelligence: Greater Operational Effectiveness,
 Increased Sales Revenue and Higher Profitability

With regularly updated and highly accurate information from the CHD Expert Solution Framework, foodservice 
providers can focus their sales and marketing resources on targeted prospects that will foster the best opportunities 
for business success.

As a result, the use of CHD Expert information and analysis tools gives foodservice providers unparalleled
 opportunities to enhance operational effectiveness, generate higher sales revenues, and increase bottom-line 

Foodservice Industry White Paper