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Comprehensive and Accurate Foodservice Database

CHD Expert is the worldwide leader in collecting, managing and analyzing foodservice industry data.

The foodservice industry consists of all organizations that prepare food outside of the home. This commonly includes restaurant operators, catering operations, and institutions with cafeterias like schools, hospitals, hotels, and prisons. Our data and unique product solutions help foodservice businesses understand foodservice trends, devise industry specific foodservice marketing strategies and make smarter business decisions.

At CHD Expert we offer distinct product solutions, each with a specific advantage for different foodservice businesses. Foodservice distributors use our data differently than food or equipment manufacturers and our products are tailored to add a unique value to each specific foodservice business. Whether you want to improve your foodservice marketing strategy, look for foodservice trends within your region, or begin direct operator outreach, your organization can benefit from access to accurate foodservice data. Click here to view our online brochure.


  • CHD FIND - The Most comprehensive and accurate census in the foodservice industry, housing more than 5 million operator contacts worldwide.


  • Easy2FIND - Cutting-edge web-based data tool to improve your sales & marketing strategy.

  • Market Potential - View food and beverage purchase potential within any given geography.


  • SmartFIND - Business Intelligence programs that will help you target prospects with the highest propensity to buy your products.

  • Market Research - Gain a detailed understanding of the Global Foodservice Market, what your customers and prospects attitudes and purchasing habits are.


  • FINDsweeper - Database cleansing, matching and hosting.

  • GLAD - Generation of Leads, Appointments and Direct Sales.

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Any Way You Slice It, Pizza Is Popular. CHD Expert Evaluates The Pizza Industry In The United States


Foodservice Database - founderExcellence…

"Dear Visitor, welcome to our new corporate website. Our vision at CHD Expert is to provide you with unique solutions through the latest innovations, expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Away-From-Home market. Our team puts all of its effort in delivering on-time, reliable and accurate services with respect to your needs.

Hope to be talking to you soon about what CHD Expert can do for you."

Paul Hagège - Founder and C.E.O. of CHD-Expert