Foodservice Market Research & Analysis

CHD Expert has developed several quantitative and qualitative foodservice market research methods to perform foodservice market analysis based on the Away From Home Foodservice market unique requirements. Our market surveys in US partnership with Technomic allow your organization to build efficient foodservice marketing strategies to successfully develop your business.

Our foodservice market research and foodservice market analysis tools consist of the following:


A Business Intelligence program that helps detect prospects with the highest propensity to buy your products.

Foodservice Market Potential

Food and Beverage purchase potential by product category.

Footprinting - Competitive Intelligence

Understand the market, evaluate your competitor presence and better apprehend your real estate investment.

Ad-Hoc Market Research

We help foodservice companies to better understand the market through adapted market research and strategic plan proposals.

FACET: Foodservice Annual Count and Expenditure Tracking

Understand the foodservice market in any given global region to help you determine go-to-market strategies.

FACTS: Foodservice Annual Category Tracking Survey

Annual customized surveys to pinpoint your brand position, competitive intelligence, purchase volumes, customer satisfaction, etc.

Online Research

Online panel of restaurant owners to obtain customized and reliable data on demand.

Horeca Barometer

Hotels, restaurants and cafés market trends, owners confidence levels and latest trends.

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